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Transfer Options


Masari provides a choice of three money transfer options:

  • Masari Cash- receiver collects cash from a designated pay-out location.
  • Masari Account- the money is credited to the bank account of the receiver. 
  • Masari Home Delivery- the money is delivered direct to the receiver’s home.


The transfer options available depend on the sending/receiving countries.


Send Money

Masari has a network of over 60,000 payout locations in over 60 countries worldwide.  Our service is fast, safe and secure. Our sophisticated, high tech system, Masari Remit, is directly linked to our correspondents and allows us to provide a great service, in the fastest possible time and at the lowest cost. It is specifically designed to keep our clients safe and uses the data encryption standards to ensure that your data and money is continually protected. 


Send money in 3 Easy steps


Step 1: Visit your nearest Masari agent; fill in the simple sending form (detailing the amount to be sent and the name and contact details of the beneficiary). 

Step 2: Hand over the form, money to be sent plus the transfer fee to the agent, and show your ID. 

Step 3: On submission of the transaction, the agent will provide a receipt containing a unique reference number. Your beneficiary will receive an SMS with the unique reference number once the payment has been authorized. You will receive an SMS once the transaction has been paid.

Benefits of using Masari money transfer:

  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Competitive fees
  • Extensive pay-out network – over 60,00 payout locations in over 60 countries worldwide
  • Choice of send and receive methods
  • Beneficiary receives SMS to alert that money has been sent
  • Sender receives SMS confirming receipt of money by beneficiary
  • Transparent service, no hidden charges
  • Ongoing commitment to bring you the best service at the lowest cost
  • Beneficiary details kept on our secure system for future orders
  • Free reward card to earn reward points


Free Masari Club Card

Claim your reward with your free Masari Club Card.  

When you first register as a Masari customer you will receive a free Club Card. Every time you use our services you collect reward points that can be redeemed against future fees.  The club card will automatically qualify you for special promotions.