You can send money from any of the Masari agents located throughout the country of service. Visit a Masari agent, fill in a simple form, show your ID and hand over the money you intend to send plus the fee for the service. Once the transaction is completed, you will receive an official receipt with a unique reference number. This unique reference number will be communicated by Masari to your beneficiary via SMS (free of charge) to enable him/her to collect the money.

Once you have completed the transaction with the Masari agent, the beneficiary will be sent an SMS by Masari (free of charge) providing them with a unique reference number and details of the relevant payout location that you have specified. Your beneficiary must then go to the payout location, show his/her ID and provide the unique reference number in order to receive the money that you sent.

Depending on the country you are sending to/from, your beneficiary can receive money in the following ways:


  • In cash – your beneficiary collects cash from the payout agent that you have chosen.
  • By transfer to bank account-  the funds are credited direct to the beneficiary’s bank account.
  • By home delivery- the cash money is delivered directly to the beneficiary’s home address.

At present, the network of Masari agents and correspondents is continually expanding. We are constantly adding new countries to our network, as well as new locations in existing countries.  Masari currently has over 60,000 payout locations in over 60 countries.  For an updated list of countries, please check with your local agent.

At present Masari agents only accept cash for money transfer transactions.

You pay Masari a fee.  Fees vary and are based on the amount that you send and on the send/receive locations. Masari fees are very competitive and are among the lowest in the market for money transfers. Please contact us on +357 25 50 060 0 or contact your nearest Masari agent to enquire.

The process takes two minutes. Simply fill out a form, provide the agent with your ID and hand over the amount due (send amount plus fee).

Yes an ID is required when sending and receiving money. Acceptable forms of ID include a passport, or any government issued identity card/alien book or driver’s license.

Masari cash money transfers are quick. The money is normally available to be collected at a pay-out location within minutes. Home delivery service and transfer to account service normally takes up to 3 working days, depending on the specific country and the local banking system.

Masari's payment system will automatically send an SMS message to your mobile telephone after your beneficiary receives the money.

Yes. When you register with our agent you also get a free Masari reward ‘Club Card’.  Reward points are earned every time you use Masari for your money transfers.  Reward points are redeemed against future fees.  In addition, Masari has regular promotions. 


Masari forms an integral part of a group of family owned companies involved in the provision of global financial services for over 20 years. Masari is registered as Masari Payment Services Limited, and was founded in the Republic of Cyprus as a European Payment Institution upon authorization by the Central Bank of Cyprus. Masari's head office is situated in Windsor Business Center, Limassol, Cyprus at the group's state-of-the-art headquarters.

Masari is led by experienced directors and staffed by a highly qualified team of skilled professionals, who are always available to assist clients in any way possible. The success of the businesses within our Group has always been attributed to our high business standards and distinctive customer service.

By becoming a Masari agent you will provide your existing customers with a money transfer service and you will attract a new group of customers to your business both of which will lead to an increase in revenues  and will strengthen your position  among your competitors.

There are minimal set up costs and there are no startup fees required. Masari will provide you with the support and training that you need and will connect you via the internet, to the centralized Masari Remit platform. In addition, Masari will apply (free of charge) to its regulator in order obtain permission for you to provide the service.     

You need to complete an application form, which is available on our website. We will review your application within a short period and help you to make a quick start. Our startup team will contact you to set up a connection to our Masari Remit system. The team will also provide you with all the required training and support in order to enable you to provide the service with ease and efficiency.

There will be no disruption to your regular business. Completing a transaction usually takes no more than one or two minutes. After the information is entered into our system, our operating department will take care of the rest, ensuring that each transaction is completed swiftly and smoothly.

No. Much of the work is saved on the Masari Remit system. The system is user friendly and allows you to print out reports on all the money transfer business you are doing, so there is no need to keep full documentation.

Masari has an effective agent support team and we provide ongoing support to you on many levels and will cover all your operating hours (including weekends). Our interest is to keep your money transfer service running smoothly. 

Please fill in the application form available on this website. We will assess your application quickly and help you to make a quick start.

We normally partner with foreign exchange shops, retail outlets and ethnic food stores, however we are open to any opportunity. The process is simple and Masari will apply to its regulator in order to obtain permission for you to provide the service.  Please apply to us if you feel that your business and its location can provide a successful money transfer business. An application form for this purpose is available on our website.