About Us

For those seeking trusted and  secure services for transferring money overseas, Masari Payment Services offers the best rates, peace of mind and outstanding service.  

About the Company

Masari Payment Services Limited, active under its trade name 'Masari', was founded in the Republic of Cyprus as a European Payment Institution authorized by the Central Bank of Cyprus, a European Central Bank, under license number Its head office is situated in Limassol, Cyprus at the Windsor Business Center, its state-of-the-art group headquarters.


Masari forms an integral part of a group of family owned companies involved in the provision of global financial services for over 20 years. Masari is led by experienced directors who are aided by a team of highly qualified professionals who are always available to assist clients in any way possible. Our success has always been attributed to our high business standards and distinctive customer service.


Masari Money Transfer is one of the best ways of transferring money overseas for personal purposes. We know how important security is when it comes to money.  We understand that affordability, speed and convenience are also key factors when considering a money transfer service.  Our primary goal is to offer our clients the safest, most efficient and cost effective method of sending money overseas. Our high tech systems allow us to provide a first class service at a low cost.   We constantly strive to earn and maintain the confidence of our customers in the services that we provide.   


Licensing & Regulation

Masari is licensed according to Cyprus Law 128 (1) of 2009 (The Payment Services Law of 2009) implementing the European Directive 2007/64 EC .The Central Bank of Cyprus is the authorizing and regulatory authority for Credit Institutions in Cyprus. As a European Central Bank, it is strictly bound to implement and adhere to the European Directive regarding payment institutions in Europe. The primary goal of the Law and Directive is to safeguard the interests of the consumer.


The law that Masari follows means that:

  • Your money will be segregated, and kept in a separate account at all times. 
  • We take full responsibility for the acts of our workers, agents and branches. 
  • We are regularly inspected by the Central Bank of Cyprus. 
  • We follow the strict Central Bank rules concerning the payment process. 
  • We are open and fair in all our dealings with our customers. 
  • We follow the complaints procedure as set out in the law. 


If at any time you feel that you are not happy with our service, please contact our Customer Complaints department on +357 25 500 600 or e-mail [email protected] will reply to you within 24 hours.
To view the European directive on Payment Services, Directive 2007/64/EC: Click Here

To view the Masari authorization by the Central Bank of Cyprus: Click Here


Our Compliance 


The Masari Compliance Department is very effective in ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations wherever it is providing its services. Its duties range from monitoring trading activity, preventing conflicts of interest and ensuring strict adherence to legal requirements set out to detect and deter financial crime, such as money laundering and terrorism financing. In that respect, Masari complies with the Office of Foreign Asset Control (“OFAC”) and adheres to all European Union and United Nations sanctions.

The information provided by our customers in fulfilment of our compliance obligations, is considered non-public, personal information. Masari is committed to safeguarding all customer personal data and will never release this information except insofar as it is necessary to complete the customer's transaction or in response to a request by the regulators and relevant government agency. All agreements with our correspondents contain confidentiality provisions and restrictions on using any customer details for any other purpose.